Ladder M8rix Anti-Slip Ladder Platform

Ladder M8rix™ Anti-Slip Platform

The Ladder M8rix can secure a ladder on surfaces as challenging as wet wood, wet gravel, oily/wet concrete, grass, oil on top of wet wood and even on solid ice. 

Ladderm8rix provides a safe, stable platform for anyone climbing a ladder when it is placed on any type of surface – including ice; as has been demonstrated at many shows on the Ladderm8 stand. It grips concrete, grass, pebbles, moss, decking, snow, paving slabs and tarmac and therefore helps to prevent slippage, it is suitable for all types of industries where there is a need to maximise safety when using ladders.

The reason it boasts that it can go on all these surfaces is because of the unique 2000 pin base that engages the surface. The top of the Ladder M8rix Proffessional has an industrial rubber grip with a shoulder to rest the ladder against. We always advise that the ladder angle is at 75° / 76°.  Any ladder use/advise should be used/given in conjunction to the HSE “ Safe use of ladders and stepladders”. The outside stopper width is 57cm. and the max ladder base is 55cm.

Made from durable moulded Polypropylene, the safety device consists of a stainless steel plate secured by galvanised capping screws. The fine metal grips situated on the underside of the Ladder M8rix hold the device in place thus helping to prevent any slippage on the ground surface. Whilst we would not recommend unwise ladder use, the Ladder M8rix provides such a high degree of security that it can even be used on such surfaces as:

Ladder M8rix
Paving Stones


Ladder M8rix


Ladder M8rix


Ladder M8rix


Ladder M8rix

Ladder M8rix

Ladder M8rix

Ladder M8rix

Ladder M8rix Professional:  Has the 2,000-pin plate on the bottom and a rubberised mat on top to rest the ladder on. 

Ladder M8rix Industrial:  Has the 2,000-pin plate on the bottom and also on the top to avoid any slippage of the ladder.

Ladder M8rix Interior:  Has a rubberised pad on the bottom and a rubberised pad on the top to protect delicate floors.

Ladder M8rix Pro Plus:  Has the 2,00-plate on the bottom and a rubberised pad on the top and can be used with the case supplied which has a rubberised pad on one surface for interior use on delicate floors. 


Take advantage of our Special Offer on the Ladder M8rix™ Carry Case for £19.99 when purchased with the Ladder M8rix™ - a discount of over 28.5% on the normal retail price.


Price & Surface Suitability
Product Professional Industrial Pro-Plus Interior
Paving Stones Yes Yes Yes No
Concrete Yes Yes Yes No
Tarmac Yes Yes Yes No
Gravel Yes Yes Yes No
Grass Yes Yes Yes No
Ice/Snow Yes Yes Yes No
Wood Yes Yes Yes No
Carpet Yes Yes Yes No
Polished Interior Surfaces No No Yes Yes
Price £74.99 £74.99 £99.50 £74.99


Ladder M8rix™

Width 0.57m. - 22in.
Depth 0.38m. - 15in.
Weight 5kg.
Guarantee 1 Year
Major Material Polypropylene

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Ladder M8rix Anti-Slip Ladder Platform

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