Little Giant Dark Horse Glass Fibre Ladder System - 3, 4, 5 Tread

Little Giant Dark Horse Glass Fibre Ladder System - 3, 4, 5 Tread


The Little Giant Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder is the only Multi-use Fiberglass Ladder on the market.


With its proprietary Non-Conductive Black Resin-Fiberglass composite, it is a prefect choice for the electrical professional or anywhere extra ladder safety is a concern.

The Dark Horse Fiberglass is made of High-Strength Materials that provides extra Strength and with its extra Wide Flared Legs at the base of the Ladder gives you a feeling of Stability and Comfort like no other Fiberglass Ladder.  

The Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder is the most versatile fiberglass ladder on the market. It telescopes from a short compact storage postion to a tall A-Frame Fiberglass Step Ladder, in one foot increments. Also in an A-Frame postion, you can work in stairwell postions with one side short and the other side long. Against a wall you can work in a 90 degree ladder postion. It swings straight to a telescoping Fiberglass Extension Ladder. It can separate into two trestles for a portable Scaffolding setup, with the aid of the trestle brackets and a work plank.(sold separately)

All models come with the Tip and Glide wheels factory installed on the Dark Horse Fiberglass Ladder.

Little Giant Dark Horse Glass Fibre (GRP) Multi Purpose Ladders 1303-125 3 Tread, 1303-126 4 Tread, 1303-127 5 Tread

A full range of custom made Little Giant Ladder accessories are availabe here, with discounts of 20% - 27% when purchased with a ladder.

Product Features

  • Stiles manufactured from non-conductive Fibreglass
  • Unmatched stability thanks to the Quad-Lock™ hinge and wide-flared legs
  • Use the Dark Horse as multiple sizes of A-frame, extension, 90-degree ladders, or as a scaffold system
  • Buy one ladder to do the job of five
  • Use the right ladder for the right job every time and avoid 95 percent of all ladder-related safety issues
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 150kg work load capacity
  • EN131

Little Giant Dark Horse Ladder Specifications

Code Treads Stepladder Height Extended Length Trestle Height Stored Height Overall Width Weight
1303-125    3  0.94-1.48m 1.93-3.03m 0.91m 1.00m 0.74m 15.3kg
1303_126   4 1.32-2.18m 2.74-4.57m 0.91m 1.40m 0.74m 17.7kg
1303-127   5 1.63-2.74m 3.35-5.79m 0.91m 1.70m 0.74m 20.9kg

Full Specification Details available here


CAUTION! Beware of the Little Giant Ladder imitators that claim their ladder is "similar" to a Little Giant, but use cheap components or cut corners in the manufacturing process. For example, some imitators use skimpy single pass welds to attach the rungs to the ladder. These skimpy welds meet the basic minimum to pass OSHA requirements, but don't expect them to last long. Even more shocking however is that many of the imitators are now using a newer and cheaper process where they smash flat the ends of the outer rungs and then rivet them to the ladder. They are smashed flat on the ends to make it easier and cheaper to rivet them on the ladder. Little Giant doesn't cut corners during the manufacturing process to save a few bucks, they use double pass welds which is a more expensive process, but produces a higher quality product. Little Giant outer rungs won't become loose and rickety over time like riveted rungs, and they won't weaken and fail like skimpy single pass welds can. Little Giant has been producing quality ladders for over 30 years! They are the original, and they are the best! Don't be fooled by a cheaper price by the competition, because in the long run you'll get exactly what you pay for! REMEMBER THAT THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY REMAINS LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF THE PRICE FADES AWAY.

Max. Weight Limit 150kg. - 23.6st
Manufacturer Little Giant
Guarantee 1 Year Warranty
Class Rating/Standard BS EN131
Major Material Glass Fibre

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Little Giant Dark Horse Glass Fibre Ladder System - 3, 4, 5 Tread

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